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The Ballet Workout: Dubai?s Physique 57

I remember thinking to myself that this was what Dubais fitness landscape was missing: a concept that merged the grace and strengthening web link postures of a ballet workout withcardiovascular exercise. In July 2013 American fitness concept Physique 57 launched its first studio outside of the US in Dubai. Since then, its gathered a massive following for its highly effective 57-minute workout combining ballet moves with strengthening and cardio exercises. The concept has four studios in New York and one in Beverly Hills and has already become a hit workout with celebrities such asDemi Moore and Petra Nemcova. The great social media buzz, constant affirmative declarations Id hear from friends at various social gatherings and the overall hype of Physique 57 made me want to try it for myself. Id long been a fan of Pilates and yoga classes and still continued to dance a bit here and there, but was looking for something that merged all of my fitness interests. The workout took place in a room with carpeted floors and wooden barres aligning each wall.
Source: http://hauteliving.com/2014/01/ballet-workout-dubais-physique-57/446147/

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