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No, Iran?s Rouhani Doesn?t Tweet

(MORE: Iranian President Tweets Friendly Message to Jews ) Those who believed those messages came directly from the man had their bubble burst on Thursday. During a meeting with a small group of journalists at the World Economic Forumin Davos, Rouhani responded to a direct question with the confession that he doesnt write the pithy messages on the social-media accounts associated with him: those are written by friends, he said. The meeting was meant to be off the record, but when asked by journalists if he would allow that confession to be placed on the record, Rouhani readily agreed. (This was tweeted immediately by some of us in the room Im reasonably sure none of us have friends to do it for us!) So what? The assembled journalists never got a chance to ask the President if he had wished Jewish people a happy new year, or whether he thought Irans women should have greater freedoms. But he didnt suggest that his opinions diverge from those of the friends who write his tweets.

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